The Climate Denialists Charter
8 July 2012

I’ve had a bit a fun over the weekend mixing a few rhymes together to explain the history and objectives of the Climate Denial Industry.  Of course there is nothing funny about it, but sometimes a satirical presentation can express the story more succinctly than a more formal article such as this.

free markets are our creed
so we will impede
all regulations and rules
against fossil fuels

we try and confuse,
through fake reviews
and distort the facts
with email hacks

but our experts replied
it can't be denied
releasing greenhouse gas
raises temperatures fast

we needed to react
to these inconvenient facts
and avoid the blame
through a cynical campaign

to continue our racket
we searched the planet
for an habitual liar
who’s available for hire

we found a fellow
who'd worked for tobacco
to hide until later
all embarrassing data

but our scientists fled
others were dead
so we proposed a petition
that was merely fiction

the list grew
but experts were few
signed only by the vile
ignorant and senile

the arrogant remain
our leaders are insane
guided more through zeal
than anything real

so we ignored the cries
and used filthy lies
to stir up hate
and seal our fate


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